We are prestigious traders and manufacturers representatives of global brands building ceramics for all purposes with over 35 years of establishment  mainly specializes in supplying a wide range of ceramic tiles market to local and south-east China.


  Our technical support is to provide full solutions to our customers on a high standard of professional achievement to meet customer satisfaction. 


  Our product ranges are including Ceramic Tiles in all purposes, Facing Bricks & Clay Paviors, Glazed & Unglazed Mosaics, Artificial Granites, etc…..of which have duly been supplied and installed in hundreds of building projects in both of private and government sectors since 1982.


  Mainly aims as authorized agents of top quality German AGROB BUCHTAL Ceramics and Swimming Pool Tiles, Portugal CINCA Ceramics, Italian DEPA Swim.Pool Grates & Accessories, Australian CLAYPAVE Pavers and Bricks, Japanese NITTO GRANITE Artificial Granite, Japanese CERA MESSE Ceramics   and Mosaic, etc…without prejudice, those products were duly gained full confidence for governmental constructions (e.g. Governmental projects, Public housing estates, Hospitals and Schools, etc...) and private constructions (e.g. Private commercial and Residential buildings and Hotels etc…)


  We welcome your valuable enquiries and read our well-representing products on this website for complete information who provides effective and appropriate solutions to suit your entire demands. We are always here for you.

本公司經營建業材料業務超過35年, 從事進口及轉銷各大名廠瓷磚産品, 供應本地市場及澳門, 東南亞等地.

我們經營優質産品見稱, 加上優良之專業知識, 各項品質及技術指標均達到國家質量檢測規定, 協助顧客給予適當而合符標準之建議.

産品種類, 包括各類地面牆身瓷磚, 馬賽克, 泳池磚瓦及附屬備件, 人造麻石, 環保路面磚及外牆磚等等......


主要代理經銷產品: 著名德國 AGROB BUCHTAL 高質瓷磚系列, 和泳池磚瓦及附屬備件, 葡國 CINCA 優質瓷磚, 義大利 DEPA 名牌泳地設備  配件, 澳大利亞 CLAYPAVE 優質牆磚及路面磚, 日本出品 NITTO GRANITE 人造麻石磚, 日本 CERA MESSE 磁磚系列等等….


上列產品, 早己深得政府建設,( 政府各項建設樓宇, 房署屋邨, 醫院, 學校….) 和私人建設, (商型商業及住宅樓宇和酒店等…), 全力信心地採用,


歡迎致電或親臨查詢, 歇盡棉力, 給予所需.

Agrob Buchtal

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